March 13, 2022 (Hamilton, Bermuda): The Collective Action Solidarity Trust (“The CAST”) is in the process of launching both a Representative Action (under Bermuda law) and/or a Class Action (under United States law) against the Bermuda Government, its advisors, and those yet to be named, for damages incurred by individuals and businesses for alleged public mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic in Bermuda. ALL AFFECTED PARTIES ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE.

The CAST is a newly formed action group of Bermuda residents, citizens, and businesses who are dedicated to improving the state of Bermuda’s justice system – especially as it relates to the recovery from any public mismanagement of the pandemic. The CAST holds the view that many of the potentially excessive pandemic protocols that have been implemented may have caused injury to a wider cross-section of individuals and businesses than was absolutely necessary.

These aggrieved parties have a right to be heard as a matter of natural justice and public safety.

It is our intention to seek damages in this regard and ensure the government ends any and all unnecessary emergency measures immediately.
The CAST is committed to holding those parties responsible that may have caused harm to individuals and businesses as a result of the potentially unjustified decisions that they may have made on behalf of Bermuda. As a result, we invite all interested parties and individuals of Bermuda to carefully document the range of physical, financial, legal, emotional, and mental damages they have suffered or may still be suffering from the alleged mishandling of the pandemic. Then, send the information to The CAST to be included in this adjudication process.


We feel compelled to publicly address the obvious and sustained negative economic fallout that the populace has been suffering under the Emergency Powers Act 1963 and the Public Health Act 1949 – largely because of the plausible evidence that gross incompetence and abuse of power has been exhibited throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasingly conflicted
‘science’ – endorsed by the Bermuda Government and magnified throughout the vaccination phase – has raised significant questions regarding the perilous state of the island’s personal liability, public health, economic stability, and emergency preparedness.

These dire circumstances appear to have worsened exponentially under the pressure of quarantining, social distancing, masking, unreliable PCR testing, lockdowns, coercion to vaccinate, restricted access to optional treatments, the dismissal of natural immunity, and arbitrary curfew mandates that have been forced upon the people of Bermuda under the guise
of the constitution. These actions taken by the government under the direction and sanction of international bodies, including The World Health Organization (“WHO”) and The Centre for Disease Control (“CDC”), have appeared to be ineffective and unreasonable causing unwarranted damage to a substantive constituency in private life.

Under careful investigation, the obvious devastation to personal lives and businesses has qualified the legitimacy of bringing forward legal action and is now deemed to be in the interest of all those who have suffered and those who are still suffering physical, financial, legal, emotional, and mental damages.

Such unprecedented lawsuits are already being implemented in the USA, Europe, and Asia, making it increasingly feasible for Bermuda to serve a potential leadership role for future claims on behalf of Small Island States – especially due to its acknowledged global position in the risk
management industry. We also invite the public to join us in pursuit of further ideas that will help us formalize the “2022 Collective Action Lawsuit”.

The “2022 Collective Action Lawsuit” will serve as a common-law precedent for other jurisdictions to follow. To participate in the adjudication process, please visit The CAST website jointhecast.org to document your experience and submit your claim by Thursday, April 14th, 2022. Should you have questions or require assistance with the submission process, please email The CAST at info@jointhecast.org.