Use Your Time…Wisely

Your time is precious, especially when you seem to be on an emergency treadmill following endless procedures that undermine your sense of autonomy and well-being. By joining with The CAST you can grow beyond the limited role of a “crisis actor” to become a self-qualified “attorney-in-fact” who is prepared to lead the community “beyond the pandemic” to now focus on the the recovery and restoration phase of public safety.

Use Your Voice…Carefully

Take part in our parliamentary, advisory and adjudication committees to establish new constitutional standards that help to ensure we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past while also preserving the dissident protections under the common law and natural rights.

Use Your Credit…Effectively

Whether we like it or not, the rules of money are changing more rapidly than ever before. Take responsibility for your credit now and work with us to underwrite the CALL TO ACTION. Ensure that your money is working in favor of common sense. Sponsor The CAST today.