Who are we?

The CAST is an action group of Bermuda residents, citizens, and businesses that formed in January of 2022. The members of CAST are dedicated to improving the state of Bermuda’s justice system – especially as it relates to the recovery from any public mismanagement of the pandemic. The CAST holds the view that many of the potentially excessive pandemic mandates and protocols that have been implemented may have caused injury to a wider cross-section of individuals and businesses than was absolutely necessary. These aggrieved parties have a right to be heard as a matter of natural justice and it is our intention to seek damages in this regard. We are also taking steps to ensure that comprehensive audits of all pandemic related mandates and protocols are conducted. This is to ensure that those responsible are questioned thoroughly, given the opportunity to provide explanations for their approach, and if necessary, held accountable for any actions that may have caused harm.

Why did we form?

The CAST was formed out of concern that the Bermuda Government is ill-equipped to represent the broad concerns of the ‘silent majority’ for national unity and solidarity. More pointedly, The CAST is taking responsibility to hold the government accountable for the impact of the various mandates and protocols implemented throughout the pandemic. The CAST also seeks to establish clear and unequivocal benchmarks that must be met prior to this or any government initiating emergency health measures in the future.

What is our Vision?

We are committed to empowering people and our communities to build a future of fairness, respect and abundance for all.

What are we doing?

Offering support, providing representation, inspiring courage, honesty and
accountability, raising awareness and fostering greater unity.

Why are we doing this?

For the love of our island, it’s people and future generations.

How do we get there?

By reminding people of their sovereign rights and welcoming their voices to our growing community.

Core Values

Respect | We respect each other and stand for freedom of choice

Integrity | We stand for honesty and act with integrity

Accountability | We say what we mean, mean what we say, do what we say

Open Mindedness | We remain unprejudiced and receptive to new ideas

Courage | We use courage overcome fear and stand for truth

Personal Development | We learn, unlearn, teach and grow together

Teamwork | We support each other, trust one another, and succeed together

Love | We provide a sense of belonging, meaning and value for one another